light problem in my balcony area...I need suggestions

brainagroAugust 7, 2011

I want to use my apartment balcony to grow different varieties of vegetables. However, I can't use all the balcony space because there is no enough sunlight penetrating in my balcony area. Just the plant located in the edge of the balcony grow up without problems. The plants located in the center of the balcony didn't receive enough illumination causing the plant to bend toward the light (photo-tropism).

Can anybody give me a suggestion in how to solve this problem?

Thanks guys

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That is a big drawback to growing veggies in small spaces, and I don't have much of a solution -- other than to maximize the edges of the balcony. Grow things in hanging pots, train them up a trellis along the edge -- try to make the most of that vertical plane of light.

At one point I had acrylic, outdoor mirrors along the side of a balcony, which redirected some light. I don't think it was really strong enough to compete with actual sunlight, but it did seem that plants didn't bend quite so hard to the sun-side.

Maybe you could plant less light dependant veggies, like chard and lettuces on the inner side of the balcony?

Good luck!

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I have the same problem. I'm in shade, and also have a patio above me that has a rug on it, so no light from there. I'm going to try lettuces and maybe pole beans.

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