firstimegardener(zone 3)September 15, 2008

hey guys about 2 weeks ago we bought a cantaloupe from the grocery store, well my common law didn't believe me that the seeds would grow if they were planted so he planted them all! now we have about 15 plants between 2-6 inches tall, I'm just wondering if anyone has grown these indoors because it's WAY too late in the season to replant outside and he is just so excited about his new "babies" that will "feed the family", that I would hate to see them die on him, any ideas or tips or experience would be greatly appreciated. thanks guys!

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IÂm new here and am growing melons this year. Unfortunately, the Bit OÂHoney I would like to grow is not currently available. As a result, IÂve been considering the Sleeping Beauty [found at] and the Sharlyn [found at] as possible small melons. IÂm in zone 5b. Any advice?


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