2nd Story balcony Rain Barrel Pump System

USMochaGirlOctober 7, 2011

I have a second story container garden without access to water source. I am working on getting an irrigation system set up. I plan to use a rain barrel with a spigot on the bottom. I want to hook up a pump to the spigot to pump the water through the irrigation system to multiple plants across the balcony. I will hook up a timer to the pump so it will water the plants at specific times a day. I travel a lot for up to a week at a time and don't have reliable people to help water the plants.

I need help figuring out a pump that can be hooked up to the external spigot to pull the water from the rain barrel. I have read a lot about submersion pumps and really don't want to use that option. Does anyone have any idea on what pump to use or even if it will work. I want to have this figured out so I can try it out before winter. I want a garden that doesn't die next year! Thanks for the help...

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I hope you figured something out -- that sounds pretty ambitious!

A few years ago, I put in a garden for an upstairs neighbor, who had visions of a tropical retreat on her second floor, south facing front porch. We did pretty well; using big 30 gallon totes for planters, and lots of home-made self watering pots.

We had the same problem; no water access. (She thought about running a hose from the bathroom or kitchen, but they were in the back of the aprtment, and somehow, stringing 50 feet of garden house thru the house didn't seem like a good idea!)

Altho the gutter was right there, the landlord wouldn't let us access it. So we put a watering can height spigot in a sturdy trash can, and ran the end of a garden hose into the can near the top. We tied the remainder of the house to the drainspout all the way down to the ground, which was near the end of the garden hose. Once every 10 days, 2 weeks or so so we'd connect the hoses, and turn the water on full blast, to push it up to the second floor and fill the garbage can. Then we'd draw off watercas full of water as needed.

It was not the most elegant system, but it certainly worked, and she had the most incredibly lush garden for a few years, on a block where the ground level yards were parched and brown by late July.

Good luck with your set up -- who knew there was so much engineering in gardening?

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