Basement Garden Zero Sun

WhoDaMan2454November 26, 2012

Hi I am interested in creating a small to medium basement garden. It is a finished basement with one window that is in a closet. The garden will see no sunlight at all, it will be 100% inside my basement at all times. The main things i would like to grow are tomatoes and strawberries, if there are other fruits that can survive probably those also. Some veggies will probably come later. Is this going to be possible? Can I get away without using all sorts of expensive equipment/lights?

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Fruiting plants (tomatoes are actually a fruit) require full sun for up to 14 hours a day. You are not likely to get the quality or intensity of light without investing in some good lighting. A couple of florescent bulbs will get seedlings started, but to grow them to maturity and produce fruit, you might want to invest in a little greenhouse... outdoors.

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