lily of the valley growiing requirements

kadnilMay 4, 2013

I have some lily of the valley that have come up with the leaves thin and weak. I planted several dozen about 9 years ago and they have dwindled down to just 2 coming up this year. I have dug them up and put them in a large (12 inch) clay pot with new soil.
These are very dear to me as they are the last of the lily of the valley from my mothers family home and I want to keep them alive and multiplying but it looks bad.
I planted them in shade although the neighbor cut their tree down and it gets more sun the past couple years than usual. I've been fighting Virginia creeper and English ivy in the same area but just by cutting and pulling it out so there have been no herbicides.
But now that's not a problem because I have removed the lily of the valley to the pot.
PLEASE can anyone give me any tips so that I can save these last 2 plants. It means the world to me to save them

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Usually the complaint with LOV is that they take over - not that they peter out!! However, I can relate a bit as they took years to become an established clump in my old garden and just started looking good when I moved :-)

It sounds like the conditions you had were more or less suitable for them so not sure why you are having difficulties. Hopefully the attached link will help - it does address growing them successfully in containers.

Here is a link that might be useful: growing lily of the valley

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I ditto what garden gal said, its probably the sun, or water. Thats the only thing that keeps mine in check. last years drought might have also effected them. maybe try putting some compost over the top of them to retain moisture? I hope they make it!

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Lots of shade and moisture should make them happy. Mine are happy under my Pin oak in full shade and plenty of rain.

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