Pope John Paul II Rose (6 pictures)

hoovb zone 9 sunset 23August 14, 2008


Plant: my plant was a plastic-bagged own root J&P brand from a "big box" store. It is about 4' tall. Planted this year in January.

Also, here are 'Carnival Glass' miniature rose and 'Belinda's Dream' pink shrub rose.

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Beautiful roses and photos. Thank you very much.

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I'm liking that Pope John Paul. I might need that one. I've been wanting a white rose and that one is gorgeous. I want one for cut flowers, and it sounds like that one fits the bill.

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triple_b(BC 5b)

yes I am loving my PJP ll also. Unfortunately so do the thrips. They are looking a bit better though. Such a gorgeous rose, and smells lovely. Nice shots you have there, hoov.

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Hoov, your photos are stunning! I must try this one someday. Do you grow Lemon Spice, I'm just wondering if the fragrance of PJPII is better or can you determine the scent and describe.
You are lucky not to have thrips.
Thank you for the amazing show.


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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Thank you for your kind comments all!

There are thrips, just not enough of them to completely ruin the flowers. I do grow 'Lemon Spice'. 'Lemon Spice' has a more, well, lemon+spice kind of fragrance. 'PJPII' is lemon+old rose. At this point 'Lemon Spice' is stronger, but 'Lemon Spice' is well established at three years in the ground while 'PJPII' is new this year, so that is to be expected.

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Love that PJPII. Destined to become one of the classic HT's, I think. -Paul

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peachiekean(z10A CA)

Yours is beautiful. Mine is not 4 ft yet. I do love this rose and I know it will grow bigger. So far, no thrips.

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