pierce03January 9, 2008

I just recently acquired a few house plants after my mother in law past away and I don't want to kill them. I have what I have always known as a christmas cactus and something that looks like some kind of an elephant ear really dark green heart shaped on top but pointed on bottom glossy leaves with lighter green veins/scalloped around the edge and purpleish red on the back. I have only had it 2 weeks andsome of the leaves are turning yellow/brown and rolling up on the side. I'm killing it are'nt I. If someone could please tell me what it is and how to take care of these plants I would be ever so greatful. Thnks And Happy New Year..

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Water the elephant ear 1x per week, set away from full sun.
Water the cactus 1x per month, set in full sun.

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Thank you I'll do better I think I must have been over watering. Thanks again

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Many houseplants die from overwatering. I have one just now that I think I've overwatered, becoz I didn't realize it was sitting in water in the saucer below. So I stood it on some bricks to air out.
I like to groom my houseplants. Just take a scissors and cut off the brown or yellow leaves and stems. Even a noticeable yellow or brown patch on the leaf can be artistically cut away leaving the same leaf shape as the original. In the summertime you can take them onto a porch and water them so the leaves get a shower or put them in the bath shower 2-3 x a year. During the growing season, not right now, you can fertilize with some liquid plant fertilizer (don't overdo this, read directions carefully), or if you want to go organic, I water with dilute tea.
If the plants are wrapped in a shiny aluminum foil type decoration, remove that so the water can drain and everything can aerate. Houseplants typically are native to tropical areas, so like indoor temps and humidity. You can spritz them occasionally for the humidity. Good luck.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

In actuality, you shouldn't think in terms of a calender schedule when watering your plants. Frequency of watering depends upon many factors: the species of plant, kind (consistency) of the potting medium, health of the plant, time of year, temperature and humidity of the room, type of container, and many more! It's important that you know the individual needs of your plant, understand the kinds of conditions that you bring to the table (potting medium, temperature, etc.) and then try to balance the watering needs of the plant.

Please know that when it IS time to water, that you do so thoroughly. Little sips aren't the way to go, but a good soaking. Then the drying process begins again.

Your plant doesn't sound like an elephant ear to me, perhaps you could take a picture of it? What size are the leaves?

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I'm wondering if your elephant ear might be a burgandy philodendrum (not 100% on spelling). Or, an elephant philo. I'd google philodendrums.

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The Christmas Cactus likes bright light and mine prefers to be on the covered porch. Around the 1st of October, be sure it does not get any light after the sun sets. Unless it is going to freeze, it prefers to stay cool. I water mine about once a week and fertilize it around once a month with Hastagro (an organic fertilizer). Any type of ivy likes bright light not full sun and water around once a week. Very few plants like "wet feet". Good luck.

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Someone please help! My philodendrum (it think 'moonlight') is dying. I'm not sure if the pot is too big or too much water? Pls see attached pic & help if possible. Thank you

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