making shade where there currently is none.

poaky1May 25, 2013

I am sort of backwards of what this forum is about. I have many oaks in my yard, but they aren't big enough to shade everything under their branches quite yet. I planted all of them for shade. I have 2 Rhodo0dendron Maximum that I planted under 2 oak trees. I have been using 2 milk crates for shade, each of the 2 covered with a crate. The Rhodies like this shade, but it will be 2 or 3 years until the oaks can cover them. The Rhodies are on the south side of the trees and about 5 feet from the trunks. The Rhodies may be okay with the milk crates this year but will be getting taller. I water them with a hose because the crates stop rain from soaking to the soil around their bases. I want to plant another in an area that is too sunny, how can I provide shade in full sun until the trees do their job?

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That inexpensive bamboo fencing stuff which I've seen at Home Depot could shade them from the side. Or trellises, planted with some fast growing vines. Overhead you might need to build something and use that green shade cloth or some lattice overhead. You could make them a little lath house, sort of like a giant milk crate.

Why don't you observe the sun this summer to see exactly how the it hits them and what you think you'll need next summer.

Sounds like a lot of work, but if it's going to be years before they are shaded, it would be worth it.

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Socks, thanks for replying. The 2 Rhodedendron Maximum are not really growing fast so far and may only grow a foot this year, much less is expected though. One of them will soon be okay without the crate, my Chestnut oak is growing fast, and will soon shade the Rhodie a good bit. The other oak is slower so far this season. The area that currently has no rhodie I should wait until the oaks get much bigger or plant another closer to the spot the Rhodie will be in. I could plant a commercial rhodie that can handle more sun too. But the wild Rhodies are really graceful and beautiful.

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