Any cuttings advice or tips

browright(Birmingham AL)January 1, 2008

Hello friends,

I am in the process of rooting several cuttings for my students....we have a few that we are rooting in water. There are some initials growing as well as some root development and leafing....Does anyone have any advuce /tips/stories, that we can consider while trying to raise thses figs?

Any input would be greatly appreciated..


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Based on your next to last sentence, I assume you are trying to root Figs? Not sure how much response you'll get, but you might have the best response on the Figs Forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: Figs Forum on Garden Web

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Oh, I'm sorry, I see you already posted there (and got a response). Good luck with your cuttings.

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Personally, I have the best success rooting in potting soil, or directly into the garden. I usually do use a rooting hormone powder.

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