Vinca vine

SthrnTami(z7 AL)January 31, 2004

I just pulled out a ton of vinca vine from a large raised bed (and yes, I know...I'll still be pulling out the newcomers for years to come!). I plan to re-plant it around the side and back of my house where it slopes from the house down to a wooded area. I really need a ground cover in this area, because of erosion, and it's very shady. I figured the vinca (especially since I already have it) would be a good choice. However, I was just reading the thread about "plants you wish you'd never planted", and saw that a lot of people hate vinca. Would this sloped area adjacent to woods be a good idea? Does vinca have a negative impact on woodland area? This is not an area that I ever plan to clear.


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"vinca" and "vinca vine" are not the same plants.

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SthrnTami(z7 AL)

I'm so sorry if I confused you by not using more precise terminology. I am talking about vinca minor 'variegata', also known as "Periwinkle" or "Vinca Vine", as opposed to the 'other' vinca (Catharanthus) which is an annual here, and not a vine.


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SthrnTami, your Vinca minor is an excellent choice for that bank. You can even transplant the babies that pop up in your raised bed.

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the area i am trying to remove this plant from is wooded. it grows rampantly in shade. it may have a negative impact if you want anything else to grow there.
since your area has tree cover(?, the shade you mention), you might take the bulk of the water from the top of the slope to a stable outlet. then, the eroded area should recover with the help of natural mulch from the leaves.
sorry, but i really do not like the aggressive nature of this plant!

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jeff, are you sure you've got vinca minor? 4-6" tall and 1/2" x 1" leaves? I've never known vinca minor to grow rampantly or overrun anything over 6" tall. I know an old homesite where it has been growing well over 50 years in good, moist soil, partial shade, ideal conditions and is still a manageable size.

Vinca major, on the other hand, is another story. Even the variegated form tends to run wild on you. It's the 8-12" tall stuff, with more rounded 1" or larger leaves.

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i must have had v. major, then, because that stuff actually ran up and over a 3' tall juniper stump, completely covering it. if it encountered an obstacle, it climbed it!
i was under the impression that both of these were fairly aggressive spreaders. the plant i had/have was almost mat-forming, not allowing much else to grow in the area.
i was trying to get some ferns and other shade loving plants established in that area, but the vinca was having no part of that! *lol*

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I've had a vinca vine for a year now inhanging in my window. I just planted a ivy plant with it was it a good idea or bad??


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topsiebeezelbub(z7 Al)

What I have must be vinca super leaps 10 feet out of the bed, roots and leaps again. I love it on the hill...if it would just stay there. I have never had a problem with vinca minor being aggressive...usually dies when I transplant it. Bought some dark purple vinca minor to plant this fall under a wisteria...that other hated plant which I adore in spite of myself.

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Hello, my name is Walter, like gardening but really new at it. Anyway I have a couple hanging pots with Vinca Vine (Vinca Major). I like the plant for the hanging pots on my patio...They drape down really nicely.

My question is; I was wondering if I can cut a piece off this viney plant, drop it in some water and have it start to root to put in another hanging pot?

I appreciate your suggestions, knowledge, help...whatever you can give me.

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With the exception of plants that LIVE in water, there is never any point in rooting a cutting in water. When you move the cutting into soil, all the fine hair roots are broken off mechnically. Skip the pointless water rooting step and put your cuttings directly into potting soil and keep them moist and in shade until they develop roots. Fill your hanging basket with your potting soil, put the vinca cuttings in the soil, keep in the shade and keep it moist for a couple of weeks, and you've got a new basket.

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I also am very new to growing things, and have a question about vinca vines. I am not sure if mine is major or minor. It is in a window basket(but not in a window, it is attached to my deck railings) with a couple of dahlia's and another with a couple of New guinea impatiens. My question is, can I take these out of the baskets when the cold weather comes and put them into a pot in the house or something? Will the roots be all tangled with the ones from the flowers? Each basket has the flowers in the middle and a vine on each end. When I was advised to put them with these flowers I did not realize that they are really plants that will stay with me unlike the annuals they are keeping company for now. Could I just leave them in the baskets and put new flowers in with them next year? I am in MA so the winter is pretty rough. Sorry to be so long winded here. Any help would be appreciated.

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For new or experienced gardeners , contact your local Agricultural Extension Agency . Thanks to your tax dollars , there are lots of people there who are glad to answer your gardening questions for free . Many interesting seminars are offered for free or very little money .
Also check the web site of your state University's Ag Center . You will have access to all the latest research publications. A wealth of knowledge is waiting for you .

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wpooh(z6a Mo.)

Will the vinca major vine grow under my Sugar Maple that has established a thick carpet surface of tiny hair-like roots? I'd rather see this growing there as practically EVERYTHING else gets choked out from the Maple roots!

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I have had success planting Iris under maples. They don't always bloom as well as I would like because of the shade but they grow there when nothing else will and the foliage is interesting.

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dottie_in_charlotte(z7-8 NC)

wpooh, I've had better luck growing pachysandra under a maple but it wasn't a sugar maple. According to what I've read, the sugar maple acts like a black walnut ..some soil toxicity to keep away competing plants (I should think with sugar maples keeping away plants competing for water)

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