what is my easter lilly doing?

RobinLynn42March 17, 2014

I rescued this Easter lilly last year when a co worker was going to throw it away after its blooms fell off. Through the winter I just kept it watered hoping I'd be able to plant it outside in spring as other websites have indicated it won't bloom a second time indoors.
Over the last six weeks its really gone a little crazy on me and I'm just not sure what is best for it from here.
-Its grown about 6-8 inches in a month and a half. I just placed a stick in the pot to guide it and it was about 4inches shorter than the stick when I places it.
-It had a "baby", literaly not there a month ago and now its 6-8 inches tall
-It has grassy like growth in the soil that matches the leaves of the mother plant but not as stalky.
-Little buds have popped out in about half a dozen places on the stalk where leaves use to be.

As I said I had planned on finding a spot outside and seeing what happens when the weather warms a bit but its had do much activity recently I'm just not sure what to do with it.

Any help/ suggestions/ advice or info?

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Here is another photo

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I believe that you will get more help if you post this in another form. This form is not for that sort of thing and so people here are not as likely to know. I suggest that you repost this on the houseplant form.

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