Looking for load a soil & good testing kit

McrakinMarch 24, 2014

I'm trying to help my dad out, he has a garden in the backyard but he says its very swampy and last year he did not get that good of a crop. He wants to get a load of soil so he can raise it up out of the swampy area (drainage is a problem the garden is about 5 feet away from a 3 foot high hill that backs up into an ally that backs up into a shopping center. He has had good crops before but he thinks the water is becoming an issue. I think the soil may just need something that I could detect with a soil testing kit. Anyone have any recommendations of what kind (looking for cheap (price wise)) of soil to order and a good testing kit?

He always grows tomatoes, jalapeno, habaneros. Then he grows other stuff depending on what he finds at store.

The zone thing at the top says USDA zone 6 we are in central Ohio

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Can't give much advice wise on the soil, but those testing kits are horribly inaccurate.

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zackey(GA 8b)

Get a soil test done at your local Agricultural center. They are University based and do intensive studies. Please don't buy any kind of meter for soil test or moisture. They are inaccurate . It only cost 7 bucks here for the test. I have to send it in and pay postage. Some states you just have to take soil samples in and they will test it right there in the office. It will tell you what you need and don't need.

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