White Clay or Kaolin

puzzlefan(5)March 16, 2006

Last year some helpful gardeners pointed the way to a source for white clay in Georgia. I have lost the name and address. I know I can buy the refined white clay from cosmetic suppliers but I am looking for the more coarse (less expensive) kind. I used it like the Surround they advertise in Gardens Alive and it did work great with a little extra work on my part.

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Georgia ranks first among the states in kaolin output and second in the production of barite. Kaolin, a type of white clay used in making paper, paint, plastics, rubber, and hundreds of other products, is mined in great open pits near Macon and Augusta. One-fourth of the nationsÂs clay productionÂmuch of it kaolinÂcame from Georgia in the late 1990s. Mined and processed by multinational firms for the world market, GeorgiaÂs clay is exported from the Port of Savannah. FullerÂs earth and ocher, both of which are used in refining vegetable and mineral oils, are also produced in great quantity.

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I'm still looking for a source if anyone has come across this recently. Peaceful Valley sells it reasonably but you need to buy 25 pounds which is way to much for me.

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