altimusMarch 9, 2010

Anyone know of a reliable source for Hornbeam? We're replacing a labyrinth of Miscanthus planted along the tops of 18" earthen berms & need about 60 plants of reasonable size/cost.

Also considering fast growing evergreens since time/labor aren't an issue but cost is- we've no intention of ordering 60 tiny seedlings from the UK & cuttings haven't worked out at all.

Really tragic how few people use this plant in American landscapes.

Cheers & thanks!

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Which Hornbeam are you searching for? With the reference to UK you are probably looking for the european one but there is a native hornbeam also. Several nurseries are supposed to carry the American one including Forest Farm

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I was looking for European Hornbeam and/or European Beech. We've grown the native & it isn't quite as... well mannered.
Thanks for the tip- called up Forest Farm & they didn't even have the American version. Still looking but I'm inches away from having a friend ship a few dozen from the UK. Perhaps going through a landscape architect is the key?
This is starting to feel like searching for Heleborus when I was 16, in the mid-nineties when they were still hard to get- I ended up ordering Heleborus SEEDS from the UK.

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