Anyone familiar with White Flower Farm?

ilovegardening(10a San Gabriel Valley of L.A.)March 12, 2012

Received a gorgeous catalog from White Flower Farm recently, but I've never heard of it and am a bit wary of ordering from unknown companies. Is anyone familiar with White Flower Farm? Any personal experience? Or word of mouth--either good or bad?

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I have heard of them for many years, but I have never ordered from them, but any company that ships plants is bound to have some unsatisfied customers. As far as I can see on the Garden Watchdog they have quite a few negative comments, but quite a few positive comments, and a White Flower Farm representative tries to make things right. They ship in 3-inch pots, which means their plants are rather small. Check out the links in the Google search that I linked to.


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ilovegardening(10a San Gabriel Valley of L.A.)

Thanks, zenman. I'll look at the search you linked to--the reason I didn't do that to begin with is that I like to hear from, and interact, directly with people who are familiar with a company like this, hence posting the question on GW instead!

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I live close to WFF. They are a long established nursery with beautiful grounds, gorgeous gardens and an amazing stock of plants that are alphabetized. Quite a wonderful place to visit. As far as ordering from them, I have seen numerous complaints on GW but only bc of their prices. People complain that they charge too much. To be honest, they are pricy but in the area I live in CT, the clientelle that visit them are typically the ppl that dont care about pricing. I (sadly) do care so WFF is a place I visit a few times a season bc it is so beautiful and I do support them but not for the bulk of my gardening needs.

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I received a Knock Out rose as a gift from WFF, and subsequently got catalogs. I live in CO, and the friend who sent it lives in Roch, NY. This was 3-4 years ago. The rose is doing very well, and if I recall WFF carries a guarantee on their plants. Yes, they are expensive, which is why I don't buy from them personally.

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very reliable, but super-pricey. but hey, when you can't find it locally, at least they ship. :)

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