Help--are my plants going to get too much sun?

lotsapotsMay 24, 2007

I've moved recently, and have a mostly shady area to plant. So I've invested in some gorgeous hostas ('Guacamole') and lots of impatiens for the front flower bed, which faces south, but with lots of pines and hardwoods.

I noticed yesterday that the bed is getting full sun from 2 PM to around 4 PM. I know this might change somewhat during our hot southern summers, but I'm worried about how my plants will fare. (I wish I were smart enough to determine the sun's angle in the future!)

Any ideas on how to keep my beautiful plants from cooking this summer?

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Wait & see how it does. You appear to be confusing "full sun" with "direct sunlight." "Full sun" means 6-8 hours of direct sunlight on the area. 2 hours of direct sunlight might not be a problem, although it is not at the preferred time (morning sun is best, but it's hard to design an entire garden to get only morning sun). The sunlight should actually make the plants flower better, and some hostas need a bit of sun to color up properly. I can't remember if Guac is 1 of them. Just water & mulch them well.

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