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lpaceMarch 27, 2007


I am brand new to this forum, and have a question. Spring is here (yeah!!) and with that comes preperations for summer and gardening. On my "to do" iist is to fertalize the lawn. My wife is under the impression that there is fertalizer available that will control weeds by attacking the roots. I, on the other hand, am under the impression that weed control fertalizers need to be applied when the weeds are growing so the control agent comes into contact with the weed. I sure hope my wife is correct, and if so, what is the name if such a fertilizer? If I can find some I will apply it ASAP. Thanks!

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daisy_ny6(z6 NY)

There are a couple pre-emergent based on corn gluten that prevents seedling roots from developing. It does not affect roots past the seedling stage. It breaks down into nutrients including nitrogens.

If you google on "pre-emergence" + "lawn care" you may find other products as well.

Gardens Alive! has one.

Here is a link that might be useful: gardens alive!

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daisy_ny6(z6 NY)

"Preen" is another.

Here is a link that might be useful: Preen

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