Trampled Solomon's Seal

greening21May 14, 2008

Hello, all! I try not to prune a newly transplanted perennial, but I think it's going to be necessary ... my husband (by accident) trampled the clump of Solomon's Seal my aunt just gave me from her garden. She's my favorite aunt, and it's her favorite plant, so I really want to save it, but it looks pathetic! The leaves are crushed. Can I prune it back to the best (or first!) lateral leaves so it doesn't look quite so shabby? I planted it by our front door, so it's really bugging me. Thanks!

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I would do that, yes. Save as many leaves as you can and cut the rest off.

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Chances are you will see brown soon. You may as well cut it down below the bend. Fully leafed out, SS do not tranplant so well, anyway. Not to worry,it will come back next year from the corm.

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