Attractive small vine for a porch?

jammajMay 11, 2008

Are there any vines that grow in complete shade that are not of the quick-growing almost invasive type? My small front porch has a decorative metal post holding up the roof. There is currently a shrub in front of the post, but it didn't fare well over the harsh winter this year, and I'm going to have it taken out. I was thinking a vine might be nice... preferably a flowering vine. But I don't want a fast-growing vine that would be hard to keep off of the house itself.

This porch is on the northeast corner of the house, and gets absolutely no sunlight. Are there any flowering vines or other climbing plants that are slow-growing in full shade?

I am not an expert gardener by any means...

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I've been looking into that same problem for my back deck. Mostly shade, but a little sun in the AM. The only ones I could find that are perennial are Dutchman's Pipe, Aristolochus. Interesting flower, not evergreen. Or kadsura japonica, not evergreen either. Or climbing hydrangea which needs sturdy support. You could try clematis if you have a little sun.


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I'm not sure, but Virginia Creeper may work. Check with a nursery or online first tho. I'm not sure how large it gets; I just remember seeing it on a friend's house.

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Thanks to both who replied so far. I forgot to mention that I live in northern Iowa. I'll have to check both of these out with the local nursery staff.

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Confederate jasmine will tolerate shade which keeps it growing slow and is evergreen in my area. However I don't know how it will do in your colder climate. Virginia Creeper is very aggressive in the south and a big no near the house, also likes at least a few hours of sun. I am looking for something simmilar to what you asked. I have a wall planter on my front porch that gets about 2 hours of sun mid morning. I hung it there to cover a patched hole in the brick. All the plants I have tried so far just die out slowly. Though I am partly guilty of not watering regularly once the blooms stop. I don't use my suggestion of Confederate Jasmine do to the wall planter is to small and the space won't take a larger one. I need a small plant of some kind for shade in a very hot climate. Prefferably an evergreen vine. No I will not do ivy! I just spent 3 years getting rid of it on the back of the house.

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