Arborvitae, which variety, how far apart ...

emsmom_PAApril 28, 2004


I live in PA Zone 6 according to the search. We are going to buy several Arborvitaes this afternoon. The purpose is to substitute for a privacy fence (which my husband had wanted and this is our very positive alternative).

Now here are my questions:

1. Which variety are best? We were told Niagra (I am sure the spelling is incorrect cause I have searched the web and have found no information).

  1. How close together is best? We were told 4' but we want them closer will that work out ok?

3. Is it important to keep the soil on the dry side?

4. What should we feed them with?

5. The height we are interested in is 5-6' and we found a local tree farm that has them for $20.00 each, which I feel is a great deal. He has some balled (with the canvas) and others planted. Should we take the balled or have them dug?

6. We have several Arborvitaes on the other side of the yard and when we bought them several years ago we had not been specific to one or two leaders. We had called and the farmer had delivered and planted them...this was about 10-12 years ago. We have since had snow/ice damage...our feelings are that we should opt for the single...I know there was a discussion about this on another thread but I am still unsure of the correct answer.

Thank you for your time and information!


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Did you ever get your arborvitae?

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