Shade plants for florida?

coyleMay 15, 2008

I am trying to find some stuff to plant under our oak trees in the shade. Doesn't get much water usually but sometimes it does rain a lot so...far I've got selected: ferns, mexican bluebell, cast iron plant, coleus, mondo grass, english ivy and honeysuckle; this is what I am thinking but would appreciate some ideas that would look best in an ap't complex setting. The front of ea unit has about 150sq ft & is pretty shady but does get some sun here and there. Mostly I am thinking of ground cover with some accent plants for around the trees etc.

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I would certainly also ask on the Florida forum as not a lot of people have experience with the Florida climate. I certainly would not recommend English ivy and the honeysuckle will not get enough sun to bloom if it is in the shade.

As a category, epimediums have become a great shade favorite in other parts of the country and there are lots of choices now. I'm sure you know that variegated plants help lighten up a shady area without flowers.

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Ditto on the English Ivy - I would NEVER plant it anywhere. Hydrangea, Azalea, Digitalis (foxglove), and Hosta should all work in Florida shade.

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Martina DeLuca

Hostas will not grow in Florida 9b, too hot. Calatheas are a good, colorful alternative. Alocasias are my personal favorite for the shade and variegated peace lily.

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