toad lily and Siberian blugloss

naheath(7b TX)May 16, 2008

These are new plants for me and I am having difficulty finding out what to feed them and general care.

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msfitznham(z7b AL)

I have a patch of Toad Lily that is spreading far beyond what I had expected, so it gets no special care at all!
However, it's in a mixed bed, so it does get fertilized with Osmocoat every spring, along with the Hydrangeas.

The only thing I might warn you about: It really, REALLY hates the late summer heat here, and I thought our last two droughty summers might have killed it, but they didn't. But it sure looked ratty. Ratty and brown. So if it gets hot/humid, it appreciates an extra drink once a week if possible.

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naheath(7b TX)

How long did it take to spread? I just bought mine and am hoping it will bloom this season.

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Here in zone 3/4 my toad lily blooms in the fall and it did bloom its first year. I didn't plant it until July, so I was surprised! As far as spreading give it a couple of years,
"First year sleep, second year creep, third year LEAP,"
as the saying goes. Mine are planted at my woodland gardens edge. I don't feed my plants anything but what nature provides. After four ears I know have four patches, from the original 6" pot I purchased.

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msfitznham(z7b AL)

Yep, I agree with arcy on the spreading. By the end of it's second year the only thing that's kept it in check is a combo of shovel pruning and drought! I've now decided to give it it's head and use it for a groundcover for the bed it's in.

And yes, it did bloom the first year.

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naheath(7b TX)

I just realized I misspelled bugloss. Anyone have information on care of the Siberian or Jack Frost bugloss?

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