please help me identify this strange plant...

Gortday(7)April 16, 2013

We just moved into a new house and to my surprise the back yard was full of old, neglected potted plants. Knowing I wanted to do a vegetable garden this year I went to clear the pots to use for my own container garden and lo' and behold two of the pots had the most peculiar roots I have ever seen. I left them planted because curiosity demanded to see what grew from them but now that they're sprouting pretty well I still have no clue.

The "bulbs" or roots or whatever you choose to call them look like short thick parsnips with many tails instead of just one long one. The one I actually pulled out before replanting was probably 2-3" thick at its thickest and 8" long.

I am enclosing a picture of the one that has sprouted the most for possible identification

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Here it is from the top down

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They look like pokeberry to me; all parts poisonous. Next time, you may want to post under "Name that plant". The experts there are always willing to help you.

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