$1 Challenge

annette.jonesMay 30, 2009

Help me prove that our dollar still has value!

Give A Buck, Save A Life, Pass It On

If you could save a life for just one dollar, would you do it??

Join my Dollar Challenge! itÂs so SimpleÂ

1) Click on my link


2) donate one dollar ($1) to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

3) Pass it on to all of your friends and challenge them to do the same. Ask them to keep passing it on after they donate.

4) See that with just $1.00 we can all make a difference, save lives and find a cure.

HereÂs how it works:

$1.00 x my 100 friends (yes I have 100 friends--ha ha) = $100

Now, if my 100 friends have 100 friends each that would beÂ.$10,000 for a total $10,100Âand it keeps getting passed on and on and on!

See how this can work to wipe out cancer! Please Please Please Please help me!

If you are like me I am looking at this math problem and thinking how can it be this easyÂ. Did I do the math wrong? I did go to school and I don't love math... But the numbers are right and we can all make a difference!

I'll be competing in a triathlon to support all of those who have had to fight the "C Word" aka cancer. I don't know about you, but I've had too many friends affected by cancer and I just stood by not knowing what I could really do to help. For some reason, I decided 2009 was the year that I was going to step up. I guess when things like the economy and depressing news started invading my life everyday, I decided it was going to be up to us regular people to take control. Believe it or not, collectively we can make a difference.

Anyway, thank you for your support!

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Sounds like a pyrmid scheme using a pitch for a cause. If it is get a job. If it is for the society good luck but check out the society as the name is similar to a actual society but not quite. Could be a typo.

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team in training is a real source for fund raising, however you are also fund raising for Annette to travel and run her marathon/triathlon. Basically she has to raise around 5k to participate half goes to the charity and half to sponsor her endeavor.

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