Voles, perma-til question to Dieter2NC

robin11034(7b Charlotte)May 4, 2005

Hi Dieter2NC! I'm slowly making my way through the "Gardening in the Shade" archives. I have seen posts by you, Sugarhill and a few others. It's like running into old mentors unexpectedly.

Now my question. I keep reading posts where people complain of voles. I was not going to vex and agonize over them as it didn't seem that there was much that could be done. Until I read your post about your experience (see your quote above) that is. This perma-til stuff you add to the soil ... exactly what is it? Is that the brand name (as in Kleenex) or is it what it is actually is (as in a tissue). Do you just plant your plants right in that (seems like not from your sentence) or is there some ratio to dirt that you mix i.e. 2 parts dirt, 1 part perma-til.

These reason I ask is I am right in the middle of planting some plants in the shadiest part of my bed and I figured if I can add something to deter these miserable little critters then why not just do it. Thanks!

Robin in Charlotte

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it's a brand name. It's good in any small proportion all over, but I'd mix it 1 part to 2 or 3 when putting in a new vole-goodie like a hosts.

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It is a good product but it was explained to me that the hole is dug and about 2 to 3 inches of Permatil is placed in the bottom. Then 2 to 3 inches is placed around the sides of the plant and then some on top. If it is done this way it can be very expensive. I have tried mixing it with the soil but have had to go back and rescue the hosta.

I finally just dig a hole, line it with wire, insert plant, place Permatil on top and pray. Voles should be the North Carolina State Pest.

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Dieter2NC(z7b NC)

Sorry it took so long to answer. It is an actual name of a small sharp gravel, I buy mine at Colchester Place on Park Rd next to the Black Lion. I put about a half inch on the bottom of the hole, set the plant in and mix a generous amount of permatil in with the soil I put around the plant. Then I put a layer of permatil around the top of the plant and cover with mulch. The voles do not like to dig through the sharp rock and this will protect both the roots and the crown. It cost about $10 per bag (the bag is about the same size as a typical bag of store bought compost.)

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