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gardensamauriMay 21, 2008

My sister just told me about a contest on better Homes and Gardens. They're giving away a shade garden with hydrangeas and geraniums and stuff. Thought it was cool if it's legit. Has anyone heard anything about if contests like this on Better Homes and Gardens are for real?


Here is a link that might be useful: the contest page

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I cant imagine it isn't "legit"; however, are you willing to pay the price? If you give them your e-mail address, which they insist on, they will in turn sell it to EVERYONE selling ANYTHING! I made the mistake of filling out a "survey" for JCPenney only to have my in box full of crap daily when it never was before. I was into my knees and things were settling down when I put my hat in for the "GREEN HOUSE" give away by HGTV. Again FULL IN BOX!! what a pain in the *^&!! If I EVER get tempted to give my e-mail out again I will use a fake name so at least I am 100% sure where it came from and I can forward them all to the company that sold me out!!

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I say Ditto to arcy's comments. I ordered some things from an online clothing catalog, and now I'm getting 7-10 clothing catalogs a week that I don't want.

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