Perennials To Go Under a Redmond Linden

jtmoney(5)May 25, 2008


In my front yard, I have a fairly mature Redmond Linden that casts a dense shadow. There is no grass that is hardy enough to grow underneath it. I'd like some ideas for perennials that would grow well together as well as amongst the mature roots of the tree.

Right now I have three August Moon hostas that need to be divided, so I was going to do that and transplant them under the Linden. The chartreuse foliage should stand out well under the dark canopy, and they bloom in late summer/early fall. Other than that, I'm at a loss. I've looked at astilbe, but they seem to need consistently moist soil to thrive. I believe heuchera likes part sun to sun to do well.

I definitely want something that will start off small (ie-purchase in a container less than 1 gallon), to avoid tearing up the tree roots. Any suggestions?

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Look into Epimediums, they might be a good choice. How about some ferns? It sounds too shady for heuchera, you're right.

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I have a Linden tree in my front yard and here is what I have planted under it:

Sweet woodruff
Lily of the valley
Solemon Seal
Labrador violet
Common violet

My Linden has been limbed up so it has a high canopy.

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