darmera peltata and astilboides tabulara

mulchie(5)May 23, 2010

I have 7 bare root big leaved plants to plant (four darmera and three astilboides) and three areas to choose from.

1) Pretty heavy shade, highly amended soil on a rise within easy reach of the hose

2) corner of a shade area, highly amended soil, no competing roots

3) bog-like highly shaded area mostly populated with poison ivy ( I KNOW!) and cinnamon ferns.

I would really like some big leaved plants in area 1 and I put the three astilboides up there. But I'm reading about a lot of moisture requirements. I'm thinking of the three darmera in the shade garden and one out in the bog just for fun. I am working on getting the poison ivy out of there and I'm opening up some of the area which was all overgrown and crowded. I never used to like shade gardening... but it's kind of addictive.

I would really like anybody's thoughts since these were expensive and I don't want to mess up.

BIG LAST question... if I got runty little bare root from White Flower Farm how long will it take those astilboides to get lush and big. I wrote White Flower. Quite distressed about the quality of those plants, but I had a gift certificate.


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I have never had any problem with anything from White Flower Farm,How ever got an order from a catalog House Of (Something)and not one item was totally no good,mold,dried up you name it.Bareroot can be deceptive,I bet you plant will do well after twenty years never been let down by WFF.

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I have one large round plant growing in my shade garden -- looks like an astilboides, but without the fringe -- the edge is perfectly round. It looks like a large, green flying saucer. I can't remember where I got it (many years ago), and it does not spread -- the one plant is the one plant. I love it and would love to know what it is -- I have it growing among astilboides.

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