in search of Garden-Organizing software for MAC user

bosgal(6)May 30, 2009

I am loving my new iMac and want to get the most use out of it as possible. As a gardening enthusiast, I'd like to merge my digital world and my gardening notes and pictures.

If anyone knows of some good garden-organizing software, that would enable me to load photos of my garden to compare year-to-year, AND keep track of fertilizing schedules, transplanting info etc. I'd love to know about it !

Thanks in advance !!!


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I just made my own using i work 09 numbers. they even have a garden template if that's what you want to use. very very easy.

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Hi again,
I am trying a free trial of software called "Bento" used for organizing all sorts of things. Do you like numbers 09?
I did not buy it but might consider it if its less than Bento for Mac, which costs $49.
Thanks Astralwerks, for the tip!

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