has anybody heard of this backyrd garden site?

Nathaniel143May 1, 2014

hi all. has anyone heard of this backyard gardening site? its ran by Mike McGroarty. It looks like a very good to learn to grow stuff and make a business out of it. But it cost, last time i checked, around 400 to 500 dollars to join his program and forum. It has a lot of people who reveal their wholesale gardening sources. But before i spend that type of money on a program i would like to know if anyone here know of a much less expensive program that teaches how to grow and sell stuff please. thanks


p.s. I hope im doing this right where i get the responses to this email but just in case i have not set up this right, please email me with any sources please email me at: nate55@bellsouth.net if you know of sites that teach how to grow and sell stuff. How to make a business out of it. thanks

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