Miss Huff Lantana

april_wine(z7 Tennessee)February 21, 2010

Anyone had any luck with Miss Huff Lantana returning in the spring? If so, did you trim it back in the spring? Does it come back on old wood or from the ground? I have 2 that I planted last summer. They were huge! I did not cut back in the fall. I broke a stem yesterday close to the ground, and it was green. Any advice appreciated!

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I do not have the variety Miss Huff, but all my lantana came back so far (4 yrs here in zone 7), but very late. I usually cut back the dead parts in winter, but leave a little so I can see it's there. It seems to come back from the ground maybe April? I can't find it in my journal now. Seems it also has some leaves on the old wood, so I would say it blooms on old and new. I would say yours will come back, it takes a while though, kinda like hostas.

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april_wine(z7 Tennessee)

Thanks for the info! It does look ratty right now and I did want to trim it back this spring. But I was curious at what kind of luck others had with Miss Huff due to my annual lantanas do not come back every year.

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Miss Huff comes back from the ground for me in Georgia. Do not cut the stems until all chance of freezing is past - otherwise water can get into the hollow stems and cause the crown to freeze, killing the plant.

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We have a large Miss Huff. We cut it back to the ground last week as we do each year. it will be another couple of weeks at least before it starts to come out this year. It's always late.

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