Sweet Chariot: An incredible bedding rose!

pappu(z5 IL)August 11, 2006

I planted tiny plants from chamblees this spring in a bed that I originally made for annuals. I wanted something short and ground hugging, because I am planning a row of taller roses behind this bed and I did not want the front row of roses to cover the ones in the bed behind. I also wanted a rose with a different 'texture' to add interest to the masses of floribundas I have planted in the front yard. Something which would bloom all year, hardy and is healthy and vigorous and hugs the ground. Sweet Chariot is the perfect rose and more for the requirements above. Thank you Morden man, Digger Dave (havent seen them around here in ages) for suggesting this rose. The tiny bands took off like crazy and have almost covered the bed. Arching canes droop with the weight of the clusters of blooms and dont block the view behind. In the heat of mid august, they are covered in blooms, I can only imagine what the spring flush will be like. I spray once a month and not a hint of disease. They are ignored by spider mites and JBs too. The mass effect is beautiful with multitone blooms...deep pink, purple-lavender then white before they drop cleanly. I have never deadheaded them and they dont need to be deadheaded. The icing on the cake...they are very fragrant! I am so glad that I chose this one for yet one more mass planting...

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predfern(z5 Chicago)

Looks great but will it survive the winter?

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pappu(z5 IL)

Predfern, it is one of the hardiest minis around. It is supposed to be cane hardy and the earliest to bloom in spring. This is information from multiple cold zoners here who have grown sweet Chariot.

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Fly me a bed to belgium please.


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I would love to see your garden in person because your pictures are so lovely.

Thia rose seems to have it all.


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carla17(Z7 NC)

Pappu, I planted three SW's and they aren't as big as yours yet. What drew me to them was smelling them at Chamblee's. Yours sure do take a pretty picture!


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dublinbay z6 (KS)

What an impressive sight, pappu--I love how you plant in broad swaths of color. Keep thinking I'll try that some day but somehow I never find a spot big enough in my smaller yard. Sigh. Anyway, yours are gorgeous.


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shellfleur(z7a Long Island, NY)

Absolutely gorgeous...are they fragrant too?

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predfern(z5 Chicago)


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gnabonnand(Zone 8 Texas)

Out of this world beautiful. Good to hear it's fragrant too.


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pappu(z5 IL)

The best part of this rose is the fragrance. In the mass planting I have(14 plants) and with so many blooms , the scent spreads and wafts. Especially when the evenings are warm and the air is still, the fragrance is delicious. Of all the roses I have this is now my top favourite. Very charming. The clusters open deep pink-purple and then age to a light lavender. A few cut stems fill up a vase and smell great! A great Ralph Moore rose and it is in the parentage of many of Carruth's fragrant purple roses that he is famous for (Ebb tide, Wild blue yonder., etc.,). Someone (Morden man?) described it as a "refined lady wearing an exotic perfume"

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roselover_nj(z6 NJ)

SOOOO Beautiful. Your pictures are always stunning! It's great to hear that they have a scent too!

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I'm really starting to envy your being in zone 5 (I can't believe I just said that). I got rid of my Sweet Chariots this year because our harsh heat made the blooms crisp right away. It was definitely a good bloomer though.


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the_morden_man((Z4-Z5) Ontario, Canada)


I am so happy that you finally bought Sweet Chariot. If I could have sent you my cuttings, I would have done so gladly. Of course, as usual, you bought more than just one...LOL! I envy your space and your pics are tremendous as always!
Also glad they are living up to your expectations after Dave and I so forcefully enabled you. Just wait until next spring when you have the full flush...

Things are better here now and I'll write soon to let you know how things turned out with my Father.

All the best and congrats on both your planting of this rose and your wonderful rose garden in general!



Sweet Chariot is almost hardy to the tips even here in my garden. It also becomes hardier with age. It may have more dieback in its first year, but once established, this rose is very cane hardy, floriferous, disease resistant and pest resistant too. Just a great rose...and of course, there is always that heavenly wafting scent....ahhhhhhh....

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gnabonnand(Zone 8 Texas)

How thorny is Sweet Chariot?


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pappu(z5 IL)

Tim, great to see you're back! Thanks for suggesting this beautiful rose. It is perfect for my garden and no crisping of the blooms here. It is so beautiful now that I can only imagine how spectacular it will be next spring and once established. More blooms, more of that fragrance!
Randy, it is not thorny...I mean, it has thorns, but they are small. The best description I can think of it is a shrubby landscape mini.
Laurie, I am sorry that the blooms crisp in your zone. No such problem up here in Illinois.

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Thank you for sharing your great photos of your beautiful roses! That does it for me, I must take my Sweet Chariots out of pots and put them in my flower beds! Thank you for the inspiration! Missy

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altoraMA(5/6 MA)

i kept mine in a pot last year and it survived just fine.
It is a great little rose, planted in the ground now.
If you are into drying flowers, this one is great-the
fragrance is even stronger. I would say 'Sweet Chariot'
is very fragrant in fact.
Pappu what do you feed your roses?? They always look
super healthy!

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pappu(z5 IL)

Missy, Alida, I like SC so much now that I am thinking of planting in pots around the patio and in hanging pots next year! It looks like the kind of rose that roots easily and I am really hoping to propagating it all over the garden. Today evening it was hot and humid and still and I could smell the fragrance waft in the yard....
I have it interplanted with Tina James evening primrose (grown form seed) which is a bienneal and by the time SC gets established, they should die out. Right now they are nicely filling out the empty spaces in between the SC roses. I am really looking forwards to the 'time-lapse' opening of the primrose blooms in the evenings and their scent is supposed to be heavenly.
Alida, I keep throwing all kinds of stuff at my roses. I am now feeding exclusively organic stuff and no more miracle gro or burnt leaves for me. Lots of fish meal, lots and lots of alfalfa meal, kelp meal, cottonseed meal and milorganite. Never burns the roses and with organics there is no such thing as over fertilizing. The roses love it and the down side is that I have super weeds which triple in size every few days and I am getting a little tired of all the weeding. For the roses which are in ground for over 2 years, I have really cut down on the fertilizing because they are already huge and I dont want them to get any bigger. New Dawn does not get a lick of fertilizer or water and it is still overgrown and is threatning to bring down the arbor. I think I need to find some kind of anti-fertilizer for it...

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altoraMA(5/6 MA)

LOL antifertilizer...!

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mehearty(So ME z5a)

Lovely Pappu! When can we come over for a garden party?

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I think you've outdone yourself !!

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Sweet Chariott is a lovely rose but in So. Calif. it burns to a crisp in hot San Fernando Valley weather. Your pictures are lovely.

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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

I too, succumbed to the enabling of The Morden Man and the long, lost Digger Dave. I got 3 tiny Sweet Chariots from the Uncommon Rose last spring and they are all doing well. Always blooming, no BS even though they are never sprayed and it does seem that the Japanese Beetles have little interest in them.

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