Anyone starting planting their veggies?

deep_south_gardener(z9b)February 24, 2005

Hey ya'll,

I'm so excited. Monday was so pretty I went to the

garden center, purchased some pepper and tomato

seedlings and came home and popped them in the

ground. Eight bell pepper plants, four cherry tomato

plants and 4 banana peppers. I also planted some

sunflower and zinnia seed directly in the ground,

and planted some cuttings that had rooted. It was

in the upper 70's and I just had to play in the

dirt. I also noticed this past weekend that the onion

sets I put out weekend before are sprouting already.

I'll be picking fresh green onions in no time at

all. I just love going out in the garden, picking

veggies or herbs and going inside to cook with them.

What are ya'll up to in the garden? Looking forward

to hearing from fellow southern gardeners.


Harvey, LA

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Not as far south, I have Early Dividend Broccoli and
brussel sprouts. I also scattered mesclun and cilantro

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Hey Sissy,
I've never tried brussel sprouts. Maybe this October.
I've always wanted to try some fall veggies but have
only tried mustard greens and celery, which both do
well. We had some lower temps last night and awoke
to temps in the upper 50's. The rain is clearing up
and it should be a nice weekend for gardening. I'm
looking forward to being outside. I may sprinkle some
lettuce seeds in the area I will plant eggplant later.
They should have time to mature before it's time to
set out the eggplants. Have a wonderful day.

Harvey, LA

Here is a link that might be useful: Community Webshots

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We had a hard freeze, last night! The lid on my composter was frozen shut! but the lettuce, the brocolli and the Brussels are fine!
They shrug off the cold, but they don't do well in the heat...
Seems like we got plenty of that!

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Hey ya Brenda. I'm in New Orleans and I'd say while I admire your spirit you are a bit early on the summer veggies. With some of them cold soil temps will actually stunt their growth. Others like corn will rot in the ground. So even though you plant say two to three weeks earlier than your neighbor they may still harvest before you do. "Tenting" or 'green housing' plants in the ground may help increase the soil temps but simply not worth the effort involved to me.

Starting seeds early indoors is completely different than planting starts in the ground. This you should do early so you can plant outdoors come time to do so.

I still have peppers in the ground from .... well many years ago. I'll just give'em a good prunning soon and they will be bearing come warm weather.

Start planting the summer veggies in mid March.


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LoraxDave(z7B Alabama)

I have started seeds for warm weather vegetables and we have planted carrots, a cabbage (yes, one plant! LOL) and asparagus outside. I am also planning to plant snow peas and sugar snap peas either today or next weekend, depending on whether it rains today. This our first veg garden in several years. I'm enjoying working on the garden plot, since I have decent soil instead of the clay play-doh I had at my previous home!

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mstrgrdnr(8 GA)

Cabbage, broccoli, collards, and garlic in the ground from fall planting.

Onions (5types), snow and sugar snap peas, beets, Swiss chard, turnips, mustard greens, rutabagas, carrots, and parsnips in the ground already this spring. Potatoes are already in the ground as well...I was early with these this year for a change.

I have a 4x8 bed of lettuce, meslun, and other salad greens which I planted in the late fall and overwintered under a hoophouse. I have continued to stagger the plantings of salad greens in order to keep the fresh greens coming.

I have sown the seeds for some of my spring transplants and have them housed in the other two hoop houses. They are sprouting and growing already.

My children and I spent the day yesterday finishing off the rest of the raised beds. We spread out the manure, and sifted some compost and got the rest of the whiskey barrel planters ready.

I am determined to be ready to plant when "planting day" finally comes. I usually plant on March 15 but may be slightly later this year.

Rain today, so the day will be spend indoors sowing more seeds and getting them ready to go out to the hoop houses.

Good Gardening!


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How'd ya'll come thru the freeze?
Brocolli and Brussels and greens unfazed here in Memphis!!
I am hoping the peonies are just as tough!

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Hey Dave, Aubrey, and Sissy,
Your gardens sound great. On a different subject,
do any of you know any good camping areas/campgrounds
in your states. We'd like to venture off now that
we have better transportation but I'm not familiar
with campgrounds out of the LA/MS area. Any help
would be appreciated.


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I have never camped in my life, but another poster on the TN forum owns a campground with canoing...
We are having the May Plant Swap there, you should try to make it!!

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mstrgrdnr(8 GA)

There are a wide variety of places to camp in GA.

It just depends on what part of the state you want to visit.

You can choose from mountains or the shore and everywhere in between.


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Tanya01(zn9 FL)

I live mid Florida and planted peppers Tomatoes and some snap peas. I love Brussells you say they love cooler WEATHER? how easy are greens guys I've never tried them but maybe next season .They like cooler weather too I think.
Good luck on all your plantings!

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It's a new year- and no one has responded yet so far to this question- what is everyone doing in zone 7b for seed sowing & putting out plants? I started seedling tomatoes 2 weeks ago, and take them outside every day, to my pop up greenhouse, then bring them inside at night. I'm never sure when to sow or transplant here. When is the last frost date? I'd love some advice!

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

You would probably have gotten more responses by starting a new thread. This one is five years old! :)

I started my tomatoes, eggplant, and pepper seeds two weeks ago. This week we are to have cloudy, rainy weather with no freezes at night, so my seedlings are going outside to be hardened off (day and night). I will keep them out there in their pots until planting out time, whisking them inside if frost or freeze is threatened. In my area, that is typically mid to late March. This year has been so weird, I'm not holding my breath. I'll look for a full seven day forecast in which the night time lows are not to fall below 55 degrees before I put these heat lovers in the ground. Ditto for cucumbers, squash, etc. In the meantime, I am enjoying the lettuce, carrots, onions, and greens that we've been picking all winter, and I have sugar snap peas up. I can't say where you live, but I am in Meridian, Mississippi. To verify your dates, do a google search for last frost dates that ask for zip codes.

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I started peas last weekend. Also put out spinach, broccoli, cauliflower transplants. Will put out onion transplants this week. We built two hoophouses in the fall and many things made it and are doing fine now. We have red and white cabbage, parsley, lettuces and arugula, swiss chard...we did lose a few broccolis so we just bought more. Something took over the collards (does anyone know what those mealy looking things are?) I ripped out the collards...a shame since I planted them last spring and they were coming along nicely. I got many pickings out of that almost year old crop.

Oh I'm also planning on planting spinach, radish carrots and lettuce from seed this weekend.

I really don't go by those frost dates. For our area it's around April 15th I think. I do pay attention to the 10 day forecasts on We're not showing any frost 10 days out so I'm not too worried. By the beginning of April I generally feel pretty safe that we won't have a frost...but even so, everything I have out can take a little frost and survive.

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