Cogongrass: worse than Johnson Grass

anntn6b(z6b TN)February 26, 2011

Johnson Grass is one of the scourges of my gardens. We have lots of hay fields around us, and Johnson Grass is almost everywhere.

It didn't make my Saturday to discover that there is a worse invasive grass out there, with denser roots than Johnson.

The range of this invasive Cogonrass is the southeast.

The linked booklet might help us keep it out of our gardens because the identification pictures and comparisons are really good.

Here is a link that might be useful: Field Guide to Identify Cogongrass

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Why does this link ask us to load software??

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I used to have Cogon grass on my property, it is tough and can grow waist high, its also VERY flammable. It grows very well in fields and under pines, but for some reason it doesn't grow well underneath hardwoods. It took two years worth of spraying RoundUp and it's mostly all gone, although every now and then I'll find a sprig. It's not a problem in lawns, just in areas that don't get mowed frequently.

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The link is to a PDF - it only asks you to load a PDF reader if you don't already have one. I already have a reader so it didn't ask me to load anything.

Cogongrass needs to be identified as early as possible in an area so that it can be eradicated quickly.

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