Wheatgrass for Juicing

twmoJune 2, 2007

I have bought some wheatberries from a health food store and am going to start growing my own wheatgrass for juicing. I have several questions and hope someone can assist me?

I have looked online extensively but most info online is from people selling grow-indoors kit, or hydroponic kits. I do not have money to spend on that stuff, every penny counts right now.

1.) The store sold bags for $2.39/pound, is that a fair price?

2.) Could I use the wheat that farmers plant? I live next to a farmer who plants wheat, is it the same or is it different than I would want for juicing?

3.) Can I plant the wheatberries outside in the dirt(protected from the dogs)? It is about 60/night 80/day now, is it okay to sow the seeds directly in the dirt now (after soaking for the day?)

4.) If I have to container plant, how often do I water?

5.) I have a Jack LaLane juicer, can I use that to juice wheatgrass? If not, where can I get an inexpensive (but decent) juicer?

Thank you so much for any help anyone can give me!

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iacche(z6 Eastern PA)

I wouldn't use the wheat the farmers plant. It might be treated with something that might linger in the young shoots.

I can buy organic whole wheat berries at my supermarket (Wegman's in Eastern PA) for about a dollar a pound.

I can't help you with what kind of juicer you'd need.

As far as how to do it, there seem to be pretty good instructions on the SproutPeople website. I have no connection to SproutPeople and I'm not promoting them. But their pages have LOTS of useful information for how to do it. I've sprouted wheat before (just in a small jar), but I've never grown it into wheatgrass.

Their page on sprouting grass:

Their page on their wheatgrass kit (you don't need to buy the kit, of course, but you can use the information to improvise at home):

(I've never posted links here, so I hope this works well enough.)

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Hey there - honestly, it's not that expensive to grow. I have a blog that has a spreadsheet attached to the page that breaks down the cost see http://wickedwheatgrass.com/how-to-grow-wheatgras/the-cost-of-growing-wheatgrass/ . I managed to get the cost of a shot to $0.20 (letting the wheatgrass grow a second time) I'm not selling anything on there and give a straight account to growing and managing wheatgrass. It is great for you so I highly recommend growing it :) - Happy Juicing!

Here is a link that might be useful: Cost of growing wheatgrass

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