pink and white lily of the valley together?

kab17May 6, 2009

Someone gave me both pink and white lily of the valley plants and told me not to plant them too close to each other or they wouldn't flower. Is this true? I put the pink ones in a temporary spot and need to move them soon. How close can I put them to the white ones?

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

I know of no reason for this to occur. However, planted near one another they are probably liable to end up mixed together.

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They will flower, but the pink ones will loose their color and become white. I don't know why this happens.

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geoforce(z7a SE PA)

They lose their color because they lose their life. I would compare the vigor of the two kinds as about a 5 or 10 to 1 ratio. The white has simply smothered out the pink. In my garden white is an invasive and pink must be coaxed to multiply and spread.


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raehelen(USDA 7-8)

What George said.

My pinks finally took off this spring (after perhaps 5-6 years?)

I have them in totally separate areas. The pinks aren't as showy as the whites, so I have them on a shady rock garden that is raised above the path. That way I can enjoy them as I walk by.

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von1(z4 NY)

My pink turned out white. I don't know if it was miss labeled or what!!!

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Thanks for all the helpful responses. I planted the pink ones in rich shade garden soil and they've taken off. The white ones are in clumps at the edge of the woods in natural soil. They come back every year but aren't apreading very much yet. I'm going to try transplanting most of the pink ones to another shady spot where I don't mind if they spread but hopefully they will have decades before anybody could mix. This was my first post on the forum and fun to hear from you all.

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I put pinks and whites in the same garden, but got an old 5-gallon plastic oil container from my nephew who used to work at a restaurant & wisely rescued several dozen of these from the dumpster. I cut the two sides off of them (since they are square-shaped, but tall, so I get more planting area when they are on their sides) and buried them in the garden deep enough that I had only about 1/2 inch of the cut edge showing above the soil. I then filled each with good soil (compost, etc) and put white LOV in one, & pink LOV in the other.

The plastic goes down about 12 inches, so the runners won't have anywhere to go. I "planted" the containers at an angle so that it doesn't look like an awkward square (rectangle), and planted them close to Hostas that will partially cover them with their leaves, so it will just look like a random patch. I covered the edges with mulch & no one will be the wiser! Might be a good solution for someone...

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