Transplanting Lantana?

mariposita(8)February 6, 2008

Please read my questions about transplanting Lantana-- -- help will be appreciated!

And feel free to leave your comment on the blog so I can just read them all there--what can I say-I have 2 toddlers to chase after!

Happy Gardening to all! Mariposita

Here is a link that might be useful: My Blog Question

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Sorry I did not know how to answer on your blog, altho I do understand about toddlers. Lantana is a hardy plant in zone 8. I would move them when all danger of frost is over, probably end of March for you, but definitely move them before the heat sets in probably in later May. Lantana like full sun and are pretty tough. I typically prune them throughout their blooming season if they get unruly, just to keep them somewhat in bounds, and then I cut them back in winter when they look dead and ratty. When you move them, my advice would be to prepare the new hole first, then dig out as much of the rootball as you can, carrying that directly into the already prepared new hole. I guess you already know this. Good luck.

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