Gardener's Diary

lisa455(z9 LA)February 7, 2005

HGTV has removed Gardener's Diary from its lineup and replaced it with Rebecca's Garden. Does anyone know if it will return? I sent HGTV an email complaining that now there were basically no programs for experienced gardeners in its lineup and suggested that it would be appropriate to delete the "G" from its name and become instead Home TV or even Home and Landscaping TV since its gardening programing was virtually non-existent. I received a form letter response from HGTV that they try to rotate their programing, YA-DA-YA-DA ..., which was non-responsive.

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I know exactly how you feel! It came on here at 6:00 every morning and I would usually only make it up in time to see it about once a week. I'm a sleepy head! Rebecca's Garden is just too basic.

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ccl38(8A Savannah, GA)

It came on at 7 at my house and I watched it every morning before I went to work. Sort of put me in a happy peaceful mood and started my day off just right. I do miss it!

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sweetpe847(z8 La)

I sent an email also and received a reply a couple of days later. I was told that Gardener's Diary was on hiatus through March. I am lost without that show. It came on at 6:00 a.m. and I too would watch it before leaving for work. Made my drive so much nicer dreaming of all the beautiful gardens. Rebecca's Garden does nothing for me.

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cindip(z7 NC)

I sent an e-mail too, but they never e-mailed me back. I am glad that it is just through March. I might can make it that long without watching it. I dearly love that show.

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Seven a.m. - only TV I watched - too bad.

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Blooming_annie(z 8/9, Chas, SC)

I watched the Gardener's Diary too. Isn't she Atlanta-based? Seems like it had a more southern influence. Anyway, like y'all Rebecca's Garden doesn't interest me - too many crafty projects and not enough gardening.

What gardening shows are left on HGTV and when are they aired? There used to be several that I watched religiously and now it seems there is nothing left. I miss them!

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I really miss my morning dose of Gardener's Diary I hope it returns soon. That's how I come up with most of the items on my must have list.

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reneek(GA - Zone 7B)

If they don't bring her back here's the link to her columns in the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

Scroll down and you will see "Georgia Landscaping
with Erica Glasener" at the bottom left of the page.

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Here's their list of garden shows (not all active, but you can click on each to see if it is active and when shows air).

TIVO makes watching TV more convenient. I'd record every show and then watch it when I could.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gardening Shows

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Hi I am glad I am not the only one lost without this show! I recorded every one and later at nite would watch before bed for inspiring peaceful garden dreams! LOVE that show! I do not care for Rebeccas garden at all... no offense to her..but you know what I mean not the same! I do love Volunteer Garden based out of Nashville, I record that and Victory Garden each week also- although I like the old folks better! Oh well... glad to know Erica is back in March!

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Rebecca does such basic stuff, and so many Northern plants, it seemed the whole show was irrelevant to Southern Gardeners, but good for cooler climates.
I think that's why Garden Diary appeals to so many of us, it is based in the South! (and she always wears the prettiest dresses, doesn't she?)

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Theresa24(8b/9a NE FL)

Let's all email HGTV! It was the perfect way to wake up at 7am!

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I just sent an email to HGTV before coming across this thread. You guys mirror my sentiments exactly! I hope you're right about A Gardener's Diary returning in March. I'll be sure to tape them so I can re-visit these choice shows myself if I get cut off again. Not only is Rebecca's Garden too basic - it doesn't fill the need to see what everyday goofs like me can do in a garden.

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gonegardening(7 VA)

Hi y'all! Just found this and especially this thread. I, too, LOVE this show and miss it very much. Also like Gardener's Journal....and totally agree about Rebecca's Garden...not interesting.

Thanks for the above link to Erica Glasener columns! Didn't know about them! Just went there and a column from 2/25 has fine print at the bottom that says her show returns in JULY....say it isn't so!

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cindip(z7 NC)

Do you have to register at that newspaper to view her columns?

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Yep, but it's free.

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I just checked the HGTV program guide for March and April (both a couple of weekdays and Saturdays). No sign of Gardener's Diary -- but they had Rebecca's Garden listed (with the program names). So, it doesn't look promising.


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Whatever happened to A Gardeners Journal with Kathy Ringwald or ?? From Canada?? I would even take that over Rebecca's Garden....

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rosie(Deep South, USA 7A/B)

I love any show with gardeners touring and chatting about lovely gardens. That's why I watched Gardeners Diary and A Gardener's Journal every chance I got. What truly amazes me is how HGTV managed to come up with so many garden-related shows so awful that I have no interest in seeing them in spite of my obsession.

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The last I heard, A Gardener's Journal was on DIY. That is where HGTV moves its gardening shows after they stop production on them. I heard this over a year ago, so don't know if A Gardener's Journal is still on DIY. You might check their listings to see if they have moved A Gardener's Diary to that channel.

I occasionally learn something worthwhile from Gardening by the Yard, but most of you are right that HGTV has no good gardening shows. Although for bad shows, nothing beats The Victory Garden. When is the last time you even saw someone garden on that show? I miss Gardener's Diary.

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cindip(z7 NC)

I looked at the Atlanta Journal website and got Erica's email address. I emailed her and she sent me one back that says,

"Thanks for your positive feedback. The network tells us that our show will be back on the air in July, Monday through Saturday at 7am, eastern time. Thanks for watching. Look for new shows, we start filming in April."

Looks like we will get her show this summer, they will be new shows and 6 days a week. WooooHoooo

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Home and Garden Television should just change their name, to Home TV... there just aren't any good gardening shows on for people like us, who just want to see some good GARDENS!! UUUGGGHHH ... frustrating .. July is far away! I am happy that they took time to email you back, that was very nice.. when I emailed HGTV they did not answer!

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How many gardeners are wathcing TV in July, for cryin' out loud?
I like what the poster above said about "it was replaced with another show on rearranging furniture!!"

**I loved Victory Garden when Roger was on there**

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cindip(z7 NC)

I didn't get a reply when I emailed HGTV. I emailed Erica, the host of Gardener's Diary. She is the one that told me about starting filming in April. I am so glad they will be new episodes. I love to watch the old ones too, but yippee we get some new ones.

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lynne_melb(z9b Melb FL)

Anyone old enough to remember watching James Crockett on Victory Garden? He's the one who got me hooked on gardening.

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cindip(z7 NC)

I remember him. I always loved to watch his show.

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I, too, watched both of these shows every morning at 7. I even took notes and watched reruns without complaint. I miss them so. Can't wait till the new ones air!

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Hi, Kathy's program and Erica's were HGTV's best I've ever seen. Maybe if more people wrote to HGTV do you think that would help to bring the best back?

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cindip(z7 NC)

A bunch of people did that last year and it didn't help. I think is is worth trying anyway. Let'a all write them.

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James Underwood Crockett - as kind, gentle, and knowledgeable a plants person as there ever was. The first, and still the best, national gardening show ever produced for TV. When he died, a small part of me died with him. His books are still the best there are for everyday gardeners.

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sissyz(Z5 NorthIL)

Very well said, Pterostyrax.
Mr. Crockett was an understated and humble person and it was easy to learn from him.....

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myloki(7 Va)

That is my favorite garden show, too. I used to record it - even on mornings when I watched it. I'd go back and freeze frames and make sketches of things I really liked. A very inspiring show! I like Erica's calm, pleasant demeanor and I LOVE seeing southern gardens that are not open to the public!! I guess I'll just have to be content with the episodes I recorded until July. It's the only thing I really care to watch on TV. The other shows just don't cut it. I was hoping for more from the make-over of the Victory Garden but was disappointed. I really liked the Victory Garden South - the sububurban garden but they seldom show it.
I've complained to HGTV in the past when they changed the morning garden line-up and found them to be totally non-responsive.

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

I well remember Jim Crocket too. As pterostyrax said--best gardening show ever. Roger Swain was good, but I hardly ever watch it now--just not relevant to gardening here. I had to take a bunch of channels to get HGTV, and I'm beginning to think it's not worth it anymore. Do enjoy that crazy guy with Gardening by the Yard and seldom miss it. I missed Gardener's Diary and Gardener's Journal but didn't think to look for them that early. My husband's nurse/caretaker comes in the morning and that's when I sleep! It's going to be difficult when things get so hot that I want to be out before the sun quite rises. He can't be left for more than fifteen or twenty minutes at the most, and I tend to worry even then.

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topsiebeezelbub(z7 Al)

If I see one more episode of 'House Hunters' I'm gonna DIE! Could we send them this entire post? I would pay dearly to see OLD Victory Garden episodes...Peter Seabrook and John Ensley...what Class!

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Dieter2NC(z7b NC)

I even hear the music from Gardener's Diary in my head at times when I walk through my gardens. Probably because I TIVO'ed them and watch them over and over again.

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easter794(Z9 C. FL)

I can't wait to start watching Gardener's Diary again this summer. I did catch Victory Garden on PBS. DIY also has a few great gardening shows. I DVR the shows so I be sure to catch them and watch them when I want. Don't know where I would be without a DVR!!!

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myloki(7 Va)

Any updates on this? I checked the HGTV website and they still list it a show that is not being broadcast. Oh, how I miss it! July is half over - where is it?

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angelfairy(Z-8 S.AL)

I agree! They are nothing but liars! I did a long, drawn out survey for HGTV last year that took a number of weeks inlcuding live chat..many of us exclaimed over losing A Gardeners Diary...hope they bring it back soon.

I totally agree...HGTV used to be a wonderful network, but now it is all "Reality TV" Does anyone really like this junk? I am also in agreement over Victory Garden. The new one stinks to the max! Don't even watch anymore. Maybe for the best...I am on GardenWeb more and reading books on gardening much more...why waste waking hours on shows that offer you nothing but boredum? AF

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I agree with angelfairy. I used to be a faithful watcher of Victory Garden on Saturdays and I always watched all the gardening shows on HGTV. Now there really aren't any on other than Paul James Gardner Guy and I can only take so much of him. I don't mean to be cruel but Rebecca Koles is a bit too silly for me and for the last couple of months I've seen the same segments over and over again. I dont' even turn the TV on in the morning now. I used to get up at 6:30 to watch HGTV, now I just get an extra hour of sleep.


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pfmastin(8 N. Carolina)

Here is the HGTV Questions/Comments page. Have at it....I did!!!! :)


Here is a link that might be useful: HGTV Questions/Comments Page

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Pam, Your link just brings me back to the top of this same thread.

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myloki(7 Va)

Here is the response I got from HGTV. Oh, woe is me, how many times can I watch the episodes I recorded? Please do write and express your interest in this program - the more the merrier!
Thank you for your e-mail and your interest in "Gardener's Diary. We had thought this program would return to our programming line-up in July, but as you've noticed it did not. Our programming department now advises that it will return in First Quarter 2006. We do appreciate your interest in our programming and your patience.

HGTV Viewer Services

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Fledgeling_(4b SD)

It will return if the ratings justify it, and wont if it doesnt. The show was never realy of use to me, but to the rest of you:

In sted of lamenting on what was lost, lets talk about whta was gained from waching it. It was a good run.

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Aperture(z9b Central FL)

I just found this thread. This too was my favorite way to start the morning . . .riding my recumbant bike with my coffee in hand watching the Gardener's Journal. It was so inspiring I would then spend a half-hour out in my garden before I had to get ready to leave for work. I miss the show terribly. I had emailed HGTV when it disappeared and got a message about a hiatus. I agree their programming lately leaves a lot to be desired.

Thanks for the link to Erica's column at the AJC.

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bruggirl100(z9 FL)

I know they will bring it back, because it's so popular. I love it also. Not too many shows with Southern plants. They're all either from up north, or from California.

I loved seeing the spring gardens in the south on Gardener's Diary.

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lisa455(z9 LA)

It appears that the episodes of Rebecca's Garden are due to run out in mid-November. If you would like to see the return of Gardener's Diary, please email HGTV as I just did! Thanks!

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Good News! The Gardener's Diary will be back in Jan. 2006 according to email I received from HGTV. Now if we could only view the Gardener's Journal again.

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lee03110(z5 NH)

I wrote to HGTV on this same subject, asking if HGTV had plans to return Gardener's Diary to their lineup in the near future.

I just received a response indicating that they have no plans to return it to their lineup at least through December... and asking me to inquire again nearer the end of December.

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Episodes of Rebecca's Garden ran out ages ago. They just take little excerpts from several old shows and mix them up and call it a new show. If I see another one on making a bird bath out of a terra cotta pot, I'll scream. Anyway, I've basically quit watching HGTV for that very reason. No decent gardening shows and not much else either. I've switched to the Cooking Channel.

I sure will be glad to see Gardener's Diary come back. I can watch those shows over and over and never get tired of them.


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emoronjo(z7 LI, NY)

I'm up on Long Island, and just discovered this string by accident. Yea!!

Gardener's Diary was/is (?) the best show on TV. I liked the 7am slot, but my favorite was when they used to show an episode at 3:30 or 4 on both Saturdays and Sundays. I would race in from my garden to watch, and then race back out to play when it was over.

I like Gardener's Journal, too, but it was always second to Erica.

Walking around someone's garden with them is one of the funnest things in the world to do. Erica's and Kathy's shows allow us to tag along for garden visits. What a luxury!

I Tivo anything garden-related, but what a sad array of shows. I never knew the old Victory Garden, but wish they would re-run it. The new one is just so sad. But I still watch it.

Can't endure Rebecca or P. Allen anymore, so they're off my list. I amaze myself with my resilience each weekend after I make it through another series of close-ups of Paul James with his eyes crossed. Annoying, but there have been some good garden visits over the years.

Glad to know there are other Gardener's Diary/Journal fans out there. I hope the rumors about Jan 06 are true!

Hey, it would be cool if they would release a DVD of Erica's old shows...

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I don't think I've ever seen her water in a transplant.

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I also miss this show tremendously. I watched faithfully every morning at 7am while getting my grandson off to school. Has anybody heard anything lately? I also like Journal, and hope it comes back on soon. The only thing better than watching someone walk through and discuss their gardens is doing it yourself! :)

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flanagin(z5 OH)

Gardener's Diary started airing again yesterday on HGTV. It will air Tuesday and Thursday at 7 AM EST.

I've emailed HGTV to thank them for bringing it back.


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It's about time they put something back on in the morning worth watching on HGTV. To bad it's only two days a week but it's better than nothing.

In the last year and a half I've pretty much stopped watching HGTV, except a couple of shows now and then. I've switched over to Fox and Friends News Channel or Don Imus in the mornings. I'm sure HGTV could probably care less but I e-mailed them a couple of times asking if they would put some of the older gardening shows, especially Gardner's Diary, back on. AFter six months or so, with only one response which was less than satisfactory, I can't remember what they said but I think something to the effect that their show lineup was already picked and couldn't be changed now. I e-mailed them and told them I was sorry to say but I was no longer watching HGTV. I actually switched a lot of my TV viewing to the Food Network. But then I kept getting hungary and having to go to the kitchen to get something to eat. At least that's what I'd like to blame my extra pounds on.

I do flip back and forth in the mornings and just happened to see Gardner's Diary this morning. I will start watching that show again. I like Paul James' show too but sometime a little bit of him goes a long way.

Oh, yes, by the way, Rebecca's Garden is still coming on at 7:30 A.M. If I see another episode of making sundaes out of flowers, I think I'll "throw up".


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Wanted to let you know that for now "A Gardener's Diary" is back on
the air Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7 AM EST. I believe this is
only until August 24. I am directing viewers to my website and asking them to write to the email address I post
at the network and tell them if you like our show and would like to
see more of it. Please email Mary Ellen Iwata at and
tell her you want to see more of us.

We taped 26 new episodes during 2005-2006 and I don't know when they
plan to air them. Please pass this information on to other
interested viewers. Thanks for your support.

Erica Glasener

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catbird(z7 AL)

Erica: Welcome back and I have just followed your instructions about emailing HGTV.

I also wish that they'd dedicate at least one evening a week to gardening programs. Many of us work and need to be tending our gardens on Saturday and Sunday when such gardening programs as they have now are on now. Also, 7:00 a.m. Eastern is 6:00 a.m. to us in the Central time zone and is the time I'm getting up and into the shower. Having to tape things to watch later is a hastle. Guess I'll just take my shower the night before so I can lie in bed on Tuesdays and Thursdays and watch the Diary.

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Maybe HGTV is coming back with some of the old shows. I noticed eariler this week that the show with the guy that is so funny (lays on the lawn, hides behind trees, etc.) is bach on. I haven't seen Gard. Diary but he also was on at 7: so they may be alternating the two shows. Why is it we have to have these shows on only at 7: am. I'm usually up but busy getting kids out the door and would love it on a little later. Considering the guys have football on ALL day of every week end for 8 months straight. I'll try to remember to watch Tuesday for the Gardeners Diary. Thanks for the headsup.

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I was thrilled to see A Gardener's Diary back on HGTV. Even if only sadly 2 days a week. I was also happy to see the post on here from Erica with instructions to e-mail Mary Ellen @ HGTV, which I indeed did.
I begged for 'beauty' on HGTV. I told her I cannot beleive that their target audience is a bunch of 20 somethings with 200.00 to 'make over' their yard or home.
Where are the 'Gardens' on Home and Garden??
Real gardeners want to see 'REAL' gardens. Mature gardens, and all we ask is to be able to take the slow tour.
I cannot beleive there is NO ROOM on a Home and Garden network for a REAL GARDEN show.
I begged for more of 'A Gardener's Diary' and more shows like it. Surely there is room for both the cheap make-over 'craft projects' and beautiful gardens.

Dreaming of quality programming on HGTV

    Bookmark   August 11, 2006 at 2:23PM
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Oh, this is good news indeed. I will also contact HGTV and see what they say. Not much of a TV watcher but I love a good gardening show like yours Erica.

Sorry to be rude, but I can't stand to watch that corny guy who hides behind trees.

    Bookmark   August 12, 2006 at 8:48AM
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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

Have to confess that the 'gardener guy's' goofiness is a bit much sometimes, but his knowledge and enthusiasm are great. He really knows and loves plants and gardening, and gives lots of information between the occasional spasms. I don't care that much about some of his topics--I really don't care much about how to have a better lawn for instance--but I know lots of people do, and as long as he covers some of the topics I'm interested in I'll keep watching. I also agree with shows at 6:00 being awfully early for me, and I agree with what someone called 'moving the furniture around' shows. Some of them are more interesting now that we're working on a lot of projects around the house--or I should say my son is!--but they barely deserve to call themselves 'house and GARDEN tv' when they do so little with gardens.

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scents_from_heaven(z9b Orlando FL)

I not only sent an email with suggestions for garden show format, but I also followed it up with a snail mail letter. I asked on both email and garden mail for a real person response as I was a real gardener and not a form letter as I was not a form person. We shall see how they respond. Linda

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timgoodin(W KY z6)

I have about a dozen or so episodes of Gardener's Diary on DVD and would love to get more of the series. Is there anyone that would be willing to make video tape or dvd copies of their tivo episodes? If so please email me.


    Bookmark   October 28, 2006 at 9:23PM
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Well, Gardner's Diary came back on for a few episodes but now they've put Designing for the Sex on at 7:00 A.M. I just don't even bother to watch HGTV anymore except every now and then I watch Househunters in the evening.

I think a lot of people have quit watching HGTV from what I can tell.


    Bookmark   November 4, 2006 at 1:55PM
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Hey guys, Gardener's Diary is back on again! Weekdays 8am EST

    Bookmark   March 26, 2007 at 12:36PM
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I e-mailed HGTV about the program and not a response! I guess they really don't care about the public's opinion. I met Erica at a symposium in Champagn, Ill. two years ago and she said for everyone to write in to keep her show on. I don't think it would make much difference.

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I agree. I also e-mailed them last year. Didn't help. I'm pretty much done with HGTV with the exception of an occasional flick of the remote to just see if there is anything on interesting, and most times there never is.

So, i've switched over to the FoodNetwork, which caters to my other passion, eating. I've gotten so many recipes, if I made them all I'd be as big as a house.

If HGTV ever gets back any of their old gardening shows, I may go back but, for's FoodNetwork.


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Hey folks, just created a new facebook group to bring back 'A Gardener's Diary' on HGTV and release it on DVD! Please Join the group:

Here is a link that might be useful: Bring Back a gardener's diary!

    Bookmark   March 31, 2010 at 12:36AM
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