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maylingsmomFebruary 16, 2008

What are good companion plants for blue point juniper?

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When you say "companion plants", do you mean in terms of things that look good with it? Or do well in the same environment?

Is this a full sun area? In an open bed or as a foundation plant? Are you looking for other shrubs or perennials or trees?

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I mean things that like good with the juniper.

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What about the other questions?

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Things that do well with them, full sun,grouping of plants, not foundation plantings, shrubs,and perennials. Maybe another tree but I haven't decided on that yet.

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Blue point juniper is a very strong vertical plant so you probably don't need any more (or a lot more) vertical accents. It is also a rather formal shape, so you might want to decide if you want to continue a formal look (very tidy plants) or counter balance the formality of the juniper with loose, open plants. Butterfly bush, for example, has similar bluish foliage but is a very loose (and eventually large) shrub. That is something you'd want to decide for yourself before choosing plants.

In terms of colors, white and blue flowering plants would look very nice. For blue, Stokes Aster is a nice perennial that does well in the South. Daylilies would be nice (although they are neither white nor blue), as would blue agapanthus.

Just some ideas. Hopefully other folks will chime in.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stokes Aster

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