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My experience with an "onlineplantnursery":

Below is a short string of emails entailing the service I received from an online plant nursery:


Good Afternoon,
I placed an order back on March 20th of this year and have had a few issues since. You may recall shortly after this order arrived, I contacted you regarding part of the shipment that were supposed to be Hostas but arrived as what appeared to be Yuccas. This matter was resolved and your prompt response was much appreciated. However, since planting what were supposed to be the "Flame Azaleas" on the order, I have discovered that these are actually Spirea (please see attached)...I am very disappointed that the majority of my order was shipped wrong. I should also mention that all of the labels on the plants read as ordered. So, not only have I incurred a monetary loss, but also the time and effort taken to plant. I sincerely hope that you will correct the matter.


please read our warranty and if your order meets the guidelines, you can send the incorrect plants back for replacements or an in store credit. We can not ship anymore plants without the incorrect ones back but if it�s been within the 90 days period, we will be happy to give you an in store credit as soon as they are returned in good shape to reorder what you wish. Also, Ive put notes about you getting incorrect plants and I assure you it will not happen again.


Thanks for your response. I tried calling you earlier to discuss this rather than trade emails. I'm not really sure how this qualifies as a warranty issue since I was never sent what I paid for. If I'm understanding this correctly, you would like for me to dig up the plants and then pay to have them returned to you so that I can receive a store credit, so you can then send me the plants I originally ordered. This really leaves me with the feeling that I'm getting the short end of the stick throughout this process. If this really is how we have to proceed, to say that your company's customer service is substandard would be an immense understatement. At this point, I feel that I have been inconvenienced enough by the incompetence of whichever employee initially pulled the order. If my future business or negative reviews are of any concern to you, please refund my payment.


you�d need to call customer service about issues like that. their number is *** *** ****.

To clear up any potential misunderstanding, the plants sent from this nursery are in a dormant state, with no leaves or flowers, making it difficult to distinguish species. Regardless, a nursery employee not being able to distinguish the difference between Yuucas and Hostas is troubling at the least.

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An "onlineplantnursery" will never get my money.

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