Need Info about a plant purchased at Walmart

dcwik(z4 CO)July 26, 2005

Hi, I am in need of an address off the back of a box container that Walmart sells. Every year in Colorado they

have little boxes with a particular plant, such as "Yellow Lilac, "Trumpet Vine" etc.

I purchased one late in the season and of course it was dead. Instead of taking it back for a refund (it was the last Yellow Lilac), I wanted to just get a replacement from the company that it came from, so I could start it this season. So, I sent my upc, receipt and a letter to them asking for a replacement. That was over a month ago and I haven't hear anything.

I have searched the internet until I am sick of it, I found another gardener that purchased a simular product but it was a differnt company, and Walmart was as helpful as a telephone pole ("without the upc, I can't help you maam").

This is what I remember from the box- the company was a distributor/wholesaler of plants from Holland, the address was in Virginia, the word Dutch was on the box somewhere and there was a word that was spelled with two e's instead of the normal way with one (can't remember the word though) and the price was stamped on the box, $4.98 I believe.

I know that I am probably looking for a needle in a hay stack but I gotta try and I am just thinking that there is maybe someone out there that probably saves the box for a while, like I normally do, that might have this info.

Thank you for any help.

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It looks like you'll have to check back when Walmart is selling these plants again. Nobody seems to have an address for you.

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