Conk or conch peas - Where can I buy or trade?

takate1(7)February 23, 2009

The BEST PEA - delicious, hard to find, fairly tiny, pale green pea. Once you taste these, no pea can compare, in my opinion. I picked some at a U pick farm years ago in middle part of State. Here's a link to see them. They're the very first, top row on left.

Do you know where I can find them cuz only way I'll get my fill is to grow them. I'm visiting for the next few weeks, so would like to find some before leaving to grow back in my garden. Thanks for any help!

Here is a link that might be useful: Conk conch pea picture

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Your link has conch pea description but no photos. The photo in this post is what they look like. I've looked on Victory Seeds site but so far I'm not having any luck finding seeds. I have found a Plant City, Fla produce store who will send frozen conks, Southwestern Produce. I'm placing my order tonight.

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