Serviceberry - which variety for the Southeast?

leslie123(Z8 WA)February 15, 2005

I want to plant some serviceberry. Which variety would I plant for the deep south? I live Southeast Louisiana, about 70 miles north of New Orleans, lower zone 8.

I'd planned to get some online but am confused by the many varieties. If you know *where* to find it, that would help, too.


Leslie Guidry

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Most of them do well in the south. Do a google search with the terms "amelanchier louisiana" or "amelanchier mississippi". You will get plenty of information.

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shelley_r(7b NC)

According to the NatureServe database (a wonderful resource, link below), there are 2 apecies that are native to Louisiana, arborea, and canadensis.


Here is a link that might be useful: NatureServe Explorer

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I've seen A.alabamensis in the D.E. Davis Arboretum on the Auburn University campus, but don't know what features differentiate it from A.arborea.
A.obovata is a southern-origin serviceberry; the "Jennybelle" selection has been available from a small number of sources in the past. It's a loose, sprawling large shrub/small tree, and at least in my plantings here in southern KY, is less desirable than A.laevis(Allegheny serviceberry), and fruit quality is much poorer than A.laevis, A.xgrandiflora, or any of the A.alnifolia selections.

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