Yellow Trout Lily from Alabana

razorback33(z7)February 5, 2008

I am looking for one of the Yellow Trout Lily's that are native to Ala. There are 3 yellow-flowered one's in the state and the ranges overlap, but the one I need is Erythronium rostratum and the Ala. form is stoloniferous. Can be distinguished from the other yellow-flowered species when in bloom, since the tepals are spreading, not reflexed, and it is the only one that presents the flower in an upright facing position. When seed capsule is present, it has a long projectile, about 2mm long, extending from it's beak.The others do not.

Is usually found near the Black Warrior River & it's tributaries and is documented in Tuscaloosa, Walker, Winston, Morgan & Blount Counties. Disjunct colonies in Shelby & Elmore Counties, to the south & Lauderdale and Colbert counties to the NW, may also be of the stoloniferous form, but have no verification of that.

Prefer seed only of this species(either garden or wild collected), if anyone has them for trade or can direct me to a reliable source, I would appreciate it.

I am participating in a private breeding program involving various Eastern NA species and we have specimens of E. rostratum from Arkansas, but they aren't stoloniferous.



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Contact Mary Jo Modica at the University of Alabama Arboretum. She might be of some help.

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Thanks pennymca!
I emailed her and waiting on response. See what happens, Hope she can help.

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