Looking for plastic plant mail packs (blisters)

purplepixiJuly 4, 2006


I was wondering if someone could help. I've been looking for some plastic blisters for mailing plants - the size you'd use for plugs.

So far I've found voges, but the minimum order is 500, I don't need that many, I'm only sending a few per week. I've found some by rootrainers, but they're designed to be used with their "root trainers", and they're 60p each.

If any one knows anywhere I can order these (ideally in the UK) I'd be very greatfull.

These people sell the sort of thing if you need a pic http://www.patio-plants.co.uk/plant_packaging.html, but they're very expensive.

Thanks for your help (I'm currently sending in recycled boxes - not very professional!!)


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Definitely try Ebay UK. Even if they don't have precisely what you're looking for, they'll have vendors you can contact who can find them for you in less-than-wholesale quantities.
The home and garden section...plant pots...plastic. Good luck! Maureen

Here is a link that might be useful: Ebay

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