soft caladium bulbs, too late to plant?

kygarden67(z6 SEKY)June 16, 2004

Hey! My wife came home with a bag full of reduced Wal-Mart caladiums (75 cents for 7!). I started to plant them today, but I noticed they were kinda soft, or spongie??? Will they grow? Should I return them? Help.....and THANKS!!!


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I planted a bag of "soft" caladiums this spring in the house and nothing came of them. I don't think I gave them the warmth that they need.

But you're not out much $$ so why not give them a try. Just remember, they are slow. . .

Maybe someone whose more successful with caladuims will add their comments.

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JaneMagnolia(5a IN)

I also bought caladium bulbs from Wal-Mart. They too seemed on the soft side, though I had never grown caladiums before, so I have no reference point. I planted eight in a very shady spot and I now have two plants with large leaves and shoots coming up from at least three other bulbs. When I dug to check on the bulbs with no growth I found that they had turned to mush. But I guess 5 out of eight isn't bad at such a low price. The two plants are just gorgeous with big glossy red and green leaves. They do like it warm - they've really taken off recently since the temps have been consistently in the 80's (daytime). For a timeline, I planted about a month ago, but I suspect they will come up faster with warmer weather. Definitely worth it.

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i say plant them, what do you have to lose. i was told once that they do not take off until the ground warms up.

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