Anyone growing Stephanotis?

eahamel(9a)February 9, 2013

A grocery store here (Kroger's) has some and they look really nice. I have a sort of shady spot where I could put one, and am wondering how well they handle our southern winters, with light freezes then warm temps, etc.

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I have a very large one growing in a pot - grower said they are not hardy in my zone 8b/9a ground - root a cutting and plant it in the ground - the only way you'll know for sure. Let us know if it survives - I would love to plant mine in the yard - they do so much better.

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I have one that I got from Logee's as a tiny 1 1/ inch tall sprout.

It is a very large vine now. It is not hardy here, so I keep it in my greenhouse where it has spread around half of the wall. It usually just blooms once a year, but the blooms are so gorgeous.

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I decided not to get one, though they are pretty.

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