Good luck New Orleans

momj47(7A)July 25, 2013

Good luck when the next storm hits

The government board charged with protecting New Orleans from flooding sued the oil and gas industry on Wednesday.

Louisiana has been steadily losing land, which leaves the city vulnerable to floods. The lawsuit argues that the oil and gas industry is responsible for a big part of the problem and hasn't paid its fair share to protect the city.

U.S. Geological Survey scientist Jeff Williams worked on a study published in 2000 that found the industry was responsible for more than a third of the wetland losses. "The scientific evidence is very strong," he says.

But Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who appointed the flood protection board, has a different demand. He ordered the board to drop its lawsuit and fire its lawyers.

Of course the Army Corp of Engineers deserves a lot of the blame, too. They've channeled and drained and redirected and levied, and approved all of this.

And take a look at those maps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link

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For over 30 years I lived where you see that little green arrow on this map. When I first moved there as a child, there were no levee's. If the river overflowed it's banks, it brought in sediment which built up the land and filled the canals and the barrier islands flourished. Then the Corps decided that we needed a levee system. Now all the sediment ended up at the mouth of the river and had to be dredged for ship traffic. The first major hurricane after the levee was built was hurricane Betsy. Homes that had stood for a hundred years were now sitting in a bowl of foul water and were lost. The water couldn't just pass over the land into either the river on one side, or the Gulf on the other, the river could no longer overflow it's banks, so it started eating away the land under the levee. They have continuously moved the levee until the strip of land between river and Gulf is about 1/4 mile wide. I can't imagine that as long as the levees stand that the islands could ever return, and it is long past the point that if the levees were destroyed there would be any recovery for years and years. Eventually, because of the levee's that land will cease to exist.

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Thank you Mrskjun.

One more example of government causing more problems.

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Government and private industry. Heaven forbid we prohibit anything the oil/gas industry wants to do.

The governors behavior speaks volumes.

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I will have to admit, we do have the lousiest governor in the US, but exactly what is it that you would like to prohibit the oil and gas industry from doing in regards to the barrier islands?

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