How much sun do hydrangeas need in North MS

michele_1June 9, 2007

Trying to figure out just how much sun / shade plants get in a shade garden is nearly impossible. The sun / shade mix changes constantly throughout the day.

How much sun / shade do ladies in red need to bloom in North Mississippi?? More sun they get wilty looking, even if I water lots / less sun they don't bloom. I planted these hydrangeas - some last fall, some this spring.

I want some blooms!!!

Thanks, Michele_1

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Hydrangea in MS would prefer morning sun and probably need at least 3 hours of it to bloom well.

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Hi There:

I live in Memphis just above you. My Hydrangeas seem to
do best on the South side of my house. There is a 30' canopy above them of Pin Oak. The Hydrangea on the West side doesn't get as much Sun and only has 2 or 3 blooms a year. I am thinking about moving it. There is a house near me that has Hydrangeas all across the front in full Sun they are covered in blooms. I always thought Hydrangeas needed shade. Go Figure.

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Doesn't it depend on the type of hydrangea (paniculata vs macrophylla vs aborescens, etc.)? Have to say I'm fairly new to hydrangeas with only a couple of years of experience but I have 2 different panicle hydrangeas which seem to need a lot of sun to bloom well. I just purchased a macrophylla, which needs protection in my climate but is meant to do well in shade. I'll have to see what happens next year.

I am guessing that lady in red is a macrophylla so that makes me a bit nervous for my chances of blooms as the spot I chose is very shady!

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