anybody have experience with 'Silver Spoons' shasta daisy?

tlacuacheFebruary 13, 2010

I was out visiting some friends in Oregon a couple of weeks ago, and (as usual) ended up doing a little impromptu plant-swapping. A lot of the plants that grow well there also do well here in the more rugged climate of North Carolina, but I know all too well that not all do (I'd sure love to have some of those winter currants blooming here right about now!). My experience has been that shasta daisies can go either way, and some (like the ever-popular 'Becky') prosper here in the mid-South, while others languish. My friend there gave me a nice division from a clump of shastas in her yard with the label 'Silver Spoons.' Its basal winter foliage is beautiful - a little lacier than 'Becky' - and the flowers look pretty cool in photos on the internet. But I haven't been able to find out much else about it, including what to expect as far as heat-tolerance here in muggy NC. It sort of doesn't matter, since the plant was a gift and free to me, and there's nothing to lose by planting it and seeing what happens. But I'm interested in the experiences that anyone here in Zone 7 or 8 has had with it. Thanks!

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Apparently not.

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